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ODM Production,is the abbreviation of English OriginalDesignManufacturer, literal translation is the original design manufacturers ODM refers to a manufacturer to design a product, in some cases can be targeted by other enterprises, with the brand name for production, or modify a little bit about the design to production This allows other firms to reduce their development time.

Undertaking design and manufacture known as ODM manufacturer of the business,its production of the products is the ODM products.


ODM Specific process:


1.Negotiation  The scope of the discussion mainly include: quantity and confirmation of design.

2.Planning proposal ; Proposal for the function and techniques of the products.  

3.Discussion of the planning  Putting the thinking into reality products for specific operation.  

4.Trial-manufacture  Starting from O, opening mould to manufacturing, Until finished the product,

achieving customer satisfaction.  

5.evaluation evaluating For products’ appearance, function and usage.    

6.Proposal: the design intention of packaging material. Design intent proposal for the product packaging

material by the clients, Or custom packaging.  

7.Quotation Reviewing the price before production to shipment offering reasonable price.  

8.Placing an order,Order Confirmation.  

9.Delivring the goods Production lead time * note* ODM process generally begins with a product of you want,

the quanity, packing styles, cost estimate, and then to the production process, according to the different

order quantity, production cycle is different.